Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Delphi and Firebase: Remote configuration

Hi all,
as you know Firebase is a backend service that include a data storage service. One of common example of this kind of service is Remote Configuration, that allows you to change the behavior or appearance of your app (ex. change the welcome message of your app) without changing the app source code.
I've just updated the Firebase4Delphi repository with a new demo : RemoteConfigDemo.
In this demo I implemented a mechanism to allow to change the behavior and appearance of your app without publishing an app update.
The process is very simple, you have to:
  1. create a JSON Object in your console project that represents the app configuration
  2. Wraps that configuration in your app
  3. Check when configuration change and communicate it to your app
In this demo you have the possibilities to change the style of your application, according to OS, at run time.

Firebase Console 

AquaGraphite.style configured at run-time
RubyGraphite.style configured at run-time

ASAP I'll post a short video to show the power of this feature.