Monday, November 6, 2017

CodeRage XII: How to develop a simple recommender system

Tomorrow November 7th will see the 12th edition of Embarcadero's yearly online conference, called "CodeRage".

The conference, as always, respects the high quality standards:
Furthermore two guess industry luminaries will be giving sessions, Robert Martin (aka Uncle Bob) is speaking on "The Clean Coder - An Introduction to Software Professionalism" and Steven McConnell (of "Code Complete" fame) is speaking on "Managing Technical Debt".

You cannot miss it!!

You can see the full program at:
I'm very excited because it's the first time that I will participate in the conference as speaker!
I’ll be talking at CodeRage XII about "How to develop a simple recommender system". What do Netflix, Amazon, Google and Facebook have in common? An efficient system of recommendations.
In this session I'll show how to implement a simple system of recommendations with Delphi and Redis ... in a very simple way!

Based on this work, a new product is coming to predict what you customer want! Because knowing users to propose the right product for each of them is crucial in all types of sales.
If you are interested contact me or stay tuned on bit Time Professionals.