Monday, June 1, 2015

Firebase4Delphi - A new open source project

Hi all,
I have just started a new open source project on github: Firebase4Delphi. For those that don't know Firebase, it's a backend service: including data storage, user authentication, static hosting, and more. Go here for more info . The purpose of this project is provide a REST wrapper (facade) to consume FIREBASE REST API. For now there is a client for basically interact with REST API and a ChatDemo example based on the official demo ( The project use System.Net library, so is compatible from DelphiXE8. Anyone wants to enjoy this project is welcome!


  1. Hi Daniele!
    Do you can use the Firebase4Delphi from DelphiXE2?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi! The project use System.Net library, so is compatible from DelphiXE8. If you want to use it in the earlier version you have to replace that library with a compatible one.

  2. Very good material.
    Would you be able to implement a routine to post a video and an image into firebase storage?

  3. Hi Deniele!
    How I could use this library to upload images to Bucket on Firebase Storage?
    Is it possible? Isn't it?