Sunday, November 22, 2020

Delphi Event Bus 2.0 is here

 Hi folks,

I have been involved in the Ekon 24 conference and I held a session: Decoupling your application architecture using Delphi Event Bus. There I presented the 2.0 version of DEB and all the news along with this version:

  • Added new Interface based mechanism to declare and handle events
  • Added channels for simple string-based events
  • DEB available on GetIt 

Interface based mechanism

The new mechanism relies on the fact that an event must be an interface or its descendants:

This new architecture brings a great benefit in terms of memory management, because Interfaces are reference counted in Delphi. 

Breaking changes

  • Differently from the previous versions a subscriber method can only have 1 parameter that is an IInterface or descendants. 
    • You should change every Subscriber method to be compliant with that principle
  • On the same line of the previous one, because events now are interfaces EventBus.Post method can accept only an interface as parameter now
    • You should change every EventBus.Post method and pass it an interface - if you were using object with no interfaces 


A very nice addition is the possibility to subscribe and post simple string-based events:  

Other improvements

  • Improved the internal post mechanism removing the CloneEvent due to the fact events were objects
  • Removed external sources needed because of the point above

How can I get it?

Since the version 1.5 Delphi Event Bus is available in GetIt (the Delphi integrated package manager):

You can also choose to download/copy/fork the library from github:

or downloading directly the release from here:

Hope you find this version full of interesting features for you! 

Enjoy it!!

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