Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DroidDevCon - An Android Conference - EN

Hi all,
As you learned from my previous post the day 10/24/2012 took place in Verona, Italy, the first Italian conference on Android development: DroidDevCon.

So I'm here to write my thoughts :) .
The conference was very successful, both in terms of organization and content.
There have been interesting talks as "Android for embedded devices" that talked about the customization of Android on dedicated devices (which unfortunately I could not attend). I look forward to the availability of the video to cover it with care; yes, because all sessions were shooting!
So if anyone is interested to conference or video I think will soon be available at these locations DroidDevCon - bit Time TV.
I could not attend some sessions because I was busy with my presentations: "Developing games with AndEngine" & "In-app billing."
The first regards to how develop games with AndEngine: a game-engine for Android, the second how works how you can implement the in-app billing service provided by Google Play.
I wanted to take this opportunity to show a slide (introduced in the second presentation) very successful, friendly and gave me a great satisfaction in demonstrating:

This image has been used to explain the differences between freemium-model and payment-model and what is the right way to choose without falling into the "trap."
To all those who don't know what it means I place also the video of the famous saga:

I conclude by thanking all for the beautiful experience! It was a day where I could compare with other developers, learn new things and explore the familiar concepts! But above all it was a day on which I have drawn ideas and inspiration! So in the next few days you will see other posts :).
I hope DroidDevCon be repeated again next year, because it was a conference with the WOW effect!

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